Eri Nakamura

Translator, Art Director, Interior Designer




Majored in English Literature at Sophia University, one of the most prestigious Universities in English studies in Japan, from 2001-2006. Her first work was at an ad agency in Tokyo. There she was the coordinator in charge of the process of creating catalogs, press releases and other printing sales tools for oversea marketing of an automobile company. During this work, she also did some translation on catch copies for different companies, including a prestigious watch company. 


Eri left the ad agency because she wished to switch her career to something that involved more direct communication between people. In 2008 she relocated to Kyoto, a city she had wished to live in. There she worked for a wedding company as a wedding planner, but after only four months decided this wasn’t her place and left. Soon after she met current partner, Mark. 

Kyoto became the city in which the second stage of her career began to blossom as a yoga translator. She became proficient at both live and written translation in a variety of Yoga subjects, including philosophy and anatomy. After being engaged in translation work intensively for about three years, she decided to simultaneously pursue another of her creative passions, design. In 2012 she settled her focus on interior design, and went back to full time study in architecture and interior design for two years. During that time, she received a couple of prizes from public entities. As her graduation project, Eri received the opportunity to create a real Yoga studio literally from the ground up. She was able to put all of the different skills she had learned in her design schooling into practice. She redesigned A half collapsing two story Machiya style house into a stylish and spacious Yoga and culture space, studio BiNDU. The space offers a very unique mixture of a modern Machiya facade, a Japanese garden, and stylish interior decor with unexpected splashes of color. Her project involved not only the design of the building and interior itself. She is also involved in the creation of the business concept and producing matching visual presentations to establish and maintain a consistent public image.




Chihiro Morishita

Sen design & illustration




After serving at a writing implement company as a star designer for six years, she established herself as an independent contractor in packaging and graphic design as well as in illustration. Sen believes the essential skill for an authentic designer is the ability to seek out the true needs of the client that he/she is unaware of. She likes to add a touch of playfulness to each design and feels this playful quality brings the design to its fullest completion. She enjoys the process of creating with a client, and of understanding and organizing the sometimes complicated requests and/or intentions of a client. Her favorite moment of this creative partnership is when the client`s original vision becomes even more apparent to them. 


Sen understands that truly listening to what the client is looking for with an open and receptive attitude is the first step toward a more harmonious creative cooperation. Sen`s intention for each client is to serve as a fellow companion so that working together becomes a journey of inspirational discovery. 


Her main clients are eateries and sweets shops including Konigs Krone, and other product makers.


Sen design & illustration




Yuri Ueno

Photograher & Graphic Designer




While studying at fashion college she became influenced by the movie scene. From that influence, she started to engage herself into photography and worked as an assistant at a photo studio. There she learned basic film camera operation and lighting technique. After working as a writer, photographer, graphic designer and an art director at a recruiting ad company, in April of 2014 she became an independent contractor available for a variety of creative fields. 

As a photographer she attempts to capture not only an image, but other sensory elements and the atmosphere of that moment. To do this she tries to receive the events and emotions that arise in front of her eyes as fully as possible. Yuri particularly focuses on developing films manually using silver halide and seeks to perfect the expression of the color that best defines the atmosphere and the expression of the world that is captured in the picture.

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