Life Transforming Yoga Course 108H

-How to Live Your Yoga-

Digest. Assimilate. Purify.

This is a three-part, fifteen-day course to learn how to take your practice, study,
and/or teaching of Yoga to a more refined level.
To truly, in an authentic and daily way, begin to make the teachings of Yoga a living part of your life,
both on and off the mat. By doing this, you will become more skillful in all of your relationships, and
manifest abundance in your life in every way. This course includes:


Learn how to activate the subtle layers of your body-mind to produce deeper muscular release in your entire physiology,
as well as strengthen the body in a way that supports increased stamina and vitality.
This will increase the benefits of your own personal practice, as well as enable you to help others do the same.

Krama [sequencing] The pañcha-kṛtyas

The pañcha-kṛtyas (5 Actions) of Shivanaṭarāja and the mahābhūtas (5 Elements) will be
our base for exploring how sequences occur, and how we can use that knowledge to better sequence all aspects of our day to day existence.
The mahābhūtas directly tie into the chakra system, and you will learn how to better adjust a sequence from
that subtle body point of view as well. This knowledge will allow you to practice each day from a more clear view of what you need.
Whether teaching Yoga, or offering your skills through another career path, this knowledge will enable you to better serve your students, clients,
and intimate circle of family and friends.

Indian Philosophy

We will examine some key teachings from a variety of texts from the Upanishadic tradition (Bhagavad Gītā),
Classical Yoga tradition (Yoga Sūtra), and non-dual Tantric tradition (Pratyabhijñā-hrdayam and Shiva Sūtras).
You will learn how to apply these teachings in ways that support and nourish you to better face your daily life challenges
in all aspects of work and relationships.


You will learn refined and simpler ways of how to practice the full breath,
along with ujjāyī, viloma, nāḍī shodhana, and several other prāṇāyāmas.
You will learn how to best sequence these to support your yogāsana and meditation practices.
Daily prāṇāyāma  practice, when done correctly, will strengthen your respiratory and nervous systems,
and invigorate the neural pathways of your brain.
This results in an increased capacity for problem solving and remaining centered during difficult experiences.

Bandha & Mudrā

This will include jālandhāra, mūla, and uḍḍīyāna bandhas, several different mudrās, and
kapālabhāti (which is a cleansing technique). We will review the benefits and contraindications for
each of these practices. You will learn how to best sequence these in combination with your yogāsana and prāṇāyāma practices.
These practices, when done with care and respect, can directly invigorate the subtle body.
This creates a feeling of deeply rooted stabilization, which brings us more confidence in our actions.

Meditation & Mantra

Meditation is the central axis around which all of the other practices of Yoga revolve.
You will learn how to do and refine several different methods  of meditation.
You will learn several types of mantras as well, for chanting and japa (repetitive recitation).
You will learn the meaning of these chants, both general and specific, as well as the practical theories behind their potency.
Daily meditation and mantra practice, when skillfully combined, increase the effectiveness of each other.
Meditation especially will accelerate our ability to see and dismantle the habits that hinder our prosperity,
and simultaneously generate sharper discernment to choose what will best help us flourish and thrive in our life.


You will be encouraged to present your observations throughout this course, every day,
to refine your capacity to present both your intellectual and experiential knowledge in
more and more concise and effective ways. This will take place in one-on one,
small group, and whole group sharing. This will help you become better at articulation and explanation of
any and all information, including the teaching of that information to others.


Throughout this training you will receive an ongoing assessment of your progress, 
as well as an opportunity for a one-on one talk with me during the training.
This will be a 20-30 minute block of time for you to ask any detailed questions and for me to offer you personal suggestions for
you to grow your own innate talents and/or assist you with determining how to best support your present life condition.
Of course, every day of the training you will have opportunities to ask questions as well.

Life/Relationship/Presentation Skills

In addition to the skills listed above, you will learn how to use your voice, language, and body posture/presence, and
how to improve your learning ability. These skills are very valuable and useful whether you are teaching a class,
conducting a business presentation, or
trying to convey your point of view and/or ideas to others in a way that they can most clearly understand.
We will also discuss the importance of Dharma (the upholding of  harmonious relationship), and
Life and Teaching as Service, as well as Yoga as a Way of Living.  

The intention of this course is to give you an abundance of very powerful tools and show you how to best combine those

tools with the knowledge you already have about Yoga. By doing this, you will be able to develop your own unique vision and experience of
Yoga into a cohesive practice and study that supports your life intentions and makes you a more calm,
confident, and effective being in all of your relationships.

This is not a Yoga Alliance 200 or 500 RYT certification course.
However, you can count these hours toward your continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance.
You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of this course.
This course will refine your relationship skills in every aspect of your life.

You will find that this increase in your capacity for skillfully living in and creating in your
daily life will support your ambitions and career choices,
whether it is to teach Yoga or offer to others in another creative way.

All life paths contain the possibility for expressing your unique creative power.
This course will help you to more clearly discern how to live as Yoga, “conscious harmony”,
in all of your relationships. When we are in an harmonious state of relationship,
we naturally receive a more clear and direct connection into the wellspring of
our creative power. From that wellspring we become capable of truly facilitating
extraordinary change in ourselves and others. This course offers you the opportunity to
enter into an authentic process of becoming the great human being you are meant to be.

This course will be presented in English with Japanese translation.

Course Dates & Times

Part 1: July 15 -17  (Saturday to Monday)

Part 2: September 16-18 (Saturday to Monday)

Part 3: November 3-5 (Friday to Sunday)

Part 4: February 10-12 (Saturday to Monday) 2018

Part 5: April 28-30 (Saturday to Monday) 2018

Each day 9:00-17:30

Course Fee




¥395,000 *
¥10,000 Membership included

Couple Discount
¥50,000/each Off

Payment Plan is available.

Course Introduction Session is available at studio or Skype.

4/29 (sat) 12:00-13:00
5/20 (sat) 12:00-13:00
5/27(sat) 12:00-13:00
6/10(sat) 12:00-13:00
6/24(sat) 12:00-13:00

* We can also set up different dates for Skype.


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