Introductory Indian Philosophy Series
Introducing Basic Indian Cosmology 

Have you ever wonder

what kind of Cosmology is behind YOGA ? do you really apply the concept/philosophy in day to day life situations?

Well then, this course is for you.

In this 6-session introductory course you will learn the fundamental teachings of Indian philosophy and cosmology. This is not an academic course, but rather a way to begin to understand the rich depth of Indian philosophy in a way that is practical and applicable to your daily life.  

Mark will present various concepts with an eye toward weaving his own life experiences and discoveries into each presentation to offer clear examples of how to use these teachings in day to day life.
Each two-hour session will consist of an hour and a half of lecture, followed by a half hour in which you may offer questions and comments for further discussion.

No previous philosophical study is required. There are no books you have to purchase.

If you purchase the entire course you will receive a bound Foundational Indian Philosophy Handbook that will include any sūtras, verses, etc. that are used in the talk, along with commentary written by Mark.

If you drop-in, for each session you will receive a handout containing the sūtras, etc. for that particular talk.

During the discussion portion of each session tea and snacks will be served.


This course is available for purchase as a whole or one by one as a drop-in.

*Payment plans are available for purchase of the entire course.

Mark Shveima

Mark has been in a continual immersive study of non-dual Shaiva Tantra and meditation with renowned Hindu Tantra scholar and lifelong meditator Paul Muller-Ortega since 2007.

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Course Date    6 sessions 
* Session 6's date is TBD.

Sundays  | 15:30-17:30

Course Fee

6 Session Package
Member ¥ 38,500 
Non-member ¥ 48,500 | Y
ou can also purchase membership and pay member price. 

Member ¥7,500
Non-member ¥ 8,500

Payment plan is available*
Please contact us for available plan for you.

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