Studio BiNDU is a modest mind-body sanctuary nestled into the back streets of Okazaki, Kyoto.

Daily classes include Yoga, Qi Gong, and Meditation. Besides workshops centered around the aforementioned classes, BiNDU has hosted an eclectic array of artists, artisans and teachers from a wide variety of professions, including photography, kimono, astrology, and animal communication.



Once a Traditional Machi-ya Town House…

On the verge of complete collapse, it has been transformed into a one of a kind space for transformation of the body, mind and emotions to take place.

Within the machi-ya façade is a modern interior, painted in white and accented everywhere by a blue that evokes the turquoise waters that surround Iriomote Island in Okinawa. 

Upon entry through our large but elegant entrance you set your feet in a traditional Japanese genkan upon a mosaic floor, hand-laid square by square, the feel and colors of which offer coolness and respite. Stepping from the entrance foyer you meet Ganesha – our door greeter and guardian – in the form of a traditional Indian murti, hand-carved from one piece of mango wood in Tami Nadu. Just past Ganesha you enter into a spacious reception area topped by a skylight, the atmosphere of which invites you to effortlessly settle into our oasis of stillness. The unique design and decor of the studio as a whole evokes warmth and coziness.

While the first floor practice space offers a view of our garden, the second floor space offers a high ceiling, veined by tree trunk beams, each at least 100 years old.




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Bindu is a Sanskrit word. In the Shaiva Tantra tradition bindu indicates the point from which all of reality as we know it emits itself and assembles, and into which all of that reality dissolves and disassembles.


Studio BiNDU positions itself as a foundational source place from which ripples of creative expression can be coalesced and offered in ways that benefit all beings.


BiNDU was consciously designed to be a space that actually supports the work of all practices that seek to refine, refresh and de-stress the entire body-mind consciousness.

Both regular students and temporary visitors often remark upon the way the studio itself gives them a feeling of being able to soften and open to release layers of tension that they are not usually able to allow to release.


Rent Us


We would be delighted to host your event at our space. Whether you would like to hold a retreat, present a lecture, or hold a physical movement class (yoga, dance, etc.), we are open to all types of presentations. 

For rental fees, when contacting us please include the dates, times, and type of presentation, along with your contact information and best times to reach you.



Contact us for further information on rental.