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Okazaki, a cultural center of Kyoto.

Where museums and traditional temples and shrines are gathered together to create one of the most attractive sightseeing areas in Kyoto. In a quiet back street, 5 minutes from Heian Shrine, stands our studio. Once a traditional machiya on the verge of complete collapse, it has been transformed into a one of a kind space where sunlight cascades in through large windows and a skylight. This light illumines a unique design that evokes a welcoming atmosphere of quietude and calm. Within the machiya façade is nested a modern interior, painted in white and accented everywhere by a blue that evokes the turquoise waters that surround Iriomote Island in Okinawa. 
Our studio not only offers physical asana practice for beginners to teachers but also regular meditation classes and philosophy talks, as well as courses for those who wish to make Yoga part of their life practice. We welcome curious newcomers while providing a learning environment that also supports those whose intention is to engage in re-designing one’s own life path through the practice of Yoga. 

Be the Designer of Your Own Life.

Our studio’s mission is to provide opportunities for you to experience new perspectives, discoveries, and connectivity in your life through the teachings of Yoga and other creative cultural presentations.
The view we each have of ourselves has been created and shaped by our accumulated experiences. As we grow comfortable with the shape we have created there can be a hardening of our point of view. Our mind becomes fixed into a perspective that is no longer malleable. We understand a muscle loses flexibility as we age if we do not stretch it. In the same way, if we remain bound to fixed and rigid perspectives, our mind will atrophy. By engaging in new ways of experiencing and learning about ourselves, we stay fresh and full of vitality in our life perspective. This enables us to surmount challenges with much more ease and face the inevitable end of life with dignity and humility.

Our studio is designed to help us soften the edges of the fixed borders of our minds, so we may gradually, with patience and compassion, expand our perspective and support a continual growth of intelligence and wisdom in ourselves.

The Yoga practice has anciently recognized our physical body and mind are connected and affect one another. Indeed the expansion of the borders of the mind can be experienced through changing how we feel in our physical body. studio BiNDU offers an environment in which the enhancement and re-designing  of one’s own mind and body are supported by the very space in which we practice and study together.
When each of us as an individual life designer gathers together, each of our vibrations will merge. From this merging, each individual will receive increased potency to organically and naturally grow their creative power. This creates a community from which ripples of positive and nourishing creative expression can emit into and affect the world.

Our highest intention is for this modern organic evolution.

studio BiNDU positions itself as a foundational source place from which these ripples of creative expression can be coalesced and offered in ways that benefit all beings. The Sanskrit word bindu means a central point into which the entirety of reality draws into and coalesces and, simultaneously, from which that refreshed, rejuvenated and newly enlivened reality arises from to bring new, innovative, and astonishing creations to life.

For those who are seeking to infuse and expand their life with new possibilities for transformation of boundaries of limitation and suffering into open fields of freedom and true deep heart contentment, Studio Bindu offers practical and inspirational classes, workshops, and trainings for such transformation to become a living part of your daily life.


 76-11 Tenno-cho Okazaki, Sakyo-ku Kyoto 606-8335


tel. (+81) 080.5373.8136


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